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Shoe care

Shoe care

Cleaning, caring and protecting your shoes is the key for a long life and keep them looking their best. Different styles may need different treatment. If you are unsure about how to treat your shoes and which products to use, you are welcome to contact our Customer Care team.


1. Clean
The first step is always to clean the shoes. Prepare the shoes to be polished by removing all dirt with a damp cloth, brush or a shoe foam cleaner.

2. Care
The second step is to refresh and nourish with a gentle and suitable leather polish, cream or wax. Let your shoes rest at least 24 hours before using them again.

3. Protect
The third step is to protect the shoes from dirt, rain and dampness. Regular shoe care is automatically long-term protection, especially for leather where wax can be applied. If you use a repellent product, make sure it is water based and follows chemical regulations.

4. Storage
When you are not using your shoes, wipe them off and keep them in their shoe box or in your shoe closet for storage. Use a shoe tree, they will help maintain the shape of your shoes.


It is important to use the proper products for the specific material of your shoes. Check out our range of shoe care products here.


Use our size guide to find your perfect fit. Note that the size chart is general for all shoes.


  1. Place your foot on a flat surface with your heel against a straight edge or a wall.

  2. Place a ruler beside your foot, touching the same straight edge as your heel.

  3. Then take the length in millimetres from the tip of your longest toe to your heel and find your perfect fit in our size guide.

For a more exact measurement wear the socks you would want to wear in your new shoes and do the measuring in the evening (your feet may become a bit swollen during the day).

If your foot measurement is halfway between sizes, select the larger size.

You may find that one foot is longer than the other, this is quite normal, for best comfort choose the larger size.


Don’t worry, we offer free returns and you will receive a refund. Still not sure? You are always welcome to contact our Customer Care team for further assistance.


We offer a range in the collection where sizes 35 and 42 are available for women. Our aim is to offer these sizes on our most popular models.

If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact our Customer Care.


With our mission to be a global fashion brand comes a great responsibility to think and act sustainable on all levels. On this journey it is all about awareness in choices of material, production, transportation and consumption, while at the same time striving for innovations and solutions that can really be a game changer. These are our everyday commitments.

The most important highlights and commitments from our sustainability report 2018 are listed below.


We are committed to select material with less strain on planet and people. Below are a few examples of actions taken 2018. These were our achievements in 2018:

  • Chrome-free tanned leather is selected for all components close to bare skin to prevent allergies.
  • Organic GOTS-certified cotton replaces conventional cotton for linings and in-socks for less environmental impact.
  • Recycled polyester replaces new polyester to save natural resources.


A cooperation and dialogue with the end consumer with the aim to create more circular fashion. In 2018 we have been focusing on further actions to close the loop within production – distribution – consumption.

  • During 2018, our remaining stores joined the Shoe Bring Back program. This means that you can leave shoes for systematic reuse and circular recycling in all our concept stores.
  • We made continuous trials with post-consumer rubber, directly deriving from our Shoe Bring Back volumes, to take further steps towards closing the loop.



Safety in the working environment is improved by close cooperation with our suppliers.

  • Further commitment to share know-how widely, by education both to management and to our co-workers in the production.
  • During 2018 we have been proceeding with our innovative "glue project" aiming to replace harmful chemicals in production. First tests conducted during the year with promising results.



The use of fossil energy must be reduced. And so must the use of processed water from our industry. This is a long-term commitment and for 2018 we report:

  • In 2018 we stated that we aim to reduce our CO2 emissions deriving from goods transport by 50% until 2030.
  • The learnings from the STWI cooperation was used both in hands-on factory projects, and in the education about energy and water usage.



We continue aiming to enable each person and function within our business to make conscious and sustainable everyday choices.

  • Circular design framework was applied to strengthen sustainable material choices within our product development.
  • Our international sales representatives were trained in sustainability from a global perspective, including Agenda 2030.

For the full story, read our sustainability report 2018. If you have any questions regarding sustainability you are welcome to contact our Customer Care team.


All Vagabond concept stores offer Shoe Bring Back, a combined reuse and recycle service which is revolutionary for the shoe business.

Recycle your old shoes and be rewarded with a discount voucher for each bag of your ready-for-recycling-shoes placed in our collection bin. For information on how to proceed and which countries are included read our Shoe Bring Back-guide here.


No animalic materials are used in our Non-animal Collection. We use PU (polyurethane) material and cork for the in-sock and the glue in the Non-animal Collection is also non-animal, which means that it is verified to not contain any animalic ingredients. See our non-animal collection here.


Click here to view all stores who currently sells Vagabond products. Use the map to locate your nearest Retailer, Shop-in-shop or Vagabond store.


We have 30 Vagabond concept stores around Europe. If your favourite Vagabond product is out of stock in store, our staff members can help you place an online order in our official Vagabond stores. You can either choose to ship to the Vagabond store or ship to your home, and you can also choose to make the return to the Vagabond store.


Vagabond is available among several shop-in-shops around the world. In these shop-in-shop you can find a wide range of Vagabond products.


Vagabond products are sold online and in stores in over 40 markets worldwide.

Please contact our Customer Care team if you need further assistance.


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