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For the conscious end-consumer: CHOICE OF MATERIALS

Our consumers are conscious and constantly challenge us to improve our work. During 2017 we have continued to increase the use of organic GOTS cotton, chrome-free tanned leather and recycled polyester. We have also launched Paul in Wood, a sneaker made of sustainable wooden material, manufactured by using a technologically innovative process.


— Continuously increase the share of chrome-free tanned leather for our inner materials to minimize risk of allergies. We are aiming for 100% chrome free tanned inner leathers in 2018. (Page 10-11 in the report)

— Continuously increase the share of organic, GOTS certified cotton. Significant achievements to contribute to the reduction of chemicals used in the cotton production. (Page 11)

— The continued use of recycled materials, aiming to eliminate the need for new materials of fossil origin. We aim for 100% recycled polyester materials in 2018. (Page 11)

— In 2017 we have continued with our Non-Animal selection as a permanent part of our collections. This is a response to the growing consumer interest in vegan and climate smart alternatives. (Page 12)

— In 2017 we continued to evaluate innovative materials from renewable sources and vegetable waste as possible shoe materials. Aiming to reach a more circular approach in the material life cycle. (Page 10-11)

For the conscious end-consumer: CHOICE OF MATERIALS

Five Sustainability Commitments 2017

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