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    Shoe Care Guide

    Our selection of Shoe Care products together with the Shoe Care Guide is one important step in our work to minimize and substitute chemicals to less environmentally harmful substances. Therefore, making your shoes last, is also the best way to ease the strain on our environment.

    Cleaning, Caring and Protecting your shoes is key for a long life and have them looking the best.

    The Basics — How to take care of your shoes

    1. Clean

    The first step is always to clean the shoes. Prepare the shoes to be polished by removing all dirt with a damp cloth, brush or a shoe foam cleaner.

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    Remove all dirt to keep your shoes fresh

    2. Care

    Second step is to refresh and nourish with a gentle and suitable leather polish, cream or wax. Let your shoes rest at least 24 hours before using them again.

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    Refresh and nourish to extend the usability

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    You need different products and tools depending on the material

    3. Protect

    The third step is to protect the shoes from dirt, rain and dampness. Regular shoe care is automatically also long term protection, especially for leather where wax can be applied. If you use a repellent product, make sure it is water based and follows chemical regulations.

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    Good protection gives you long lasting shoes

    4. Storage

    When you are not using your shoes, wipe them off and keep them in their shoe box or in your shoe closet for storage. Use a shoe tree, they will help maintaining the shape of your shoes.

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    Treat them nice even when not on your feet

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    With good care your shoes will be your companions for a long time

    The Materials


    Oily Leather

    Oily leather is when the leather is treated with oil during the material preparation and/or in the finishing process. Clean the dry shoe with a soft brush and use foam Cleaner to remove dirt and to restore. Use wax to provide an even stronger protection against water and, if you wish, finish off with water based Protector.

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    Oily Leather


    Soft Leather

    Regular soft leather lasts a long time if kept from being dehydrated. Clean the dry shoe with a soft brush and use foam Cleaner to remove dirt and to restore. Apply Shoe Cream which provides a gentle nourishment and to restore the colour. Leave to dry. Then polish the surface with a brush. Use wax to provide an even stronger protection against water and/or, if you wish, finish off with water based Protector.

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    Soft Leather



    Nubuck has a sanded surface which gives it a natural velvety finish. Oiled or waxed nubuck already has a water repellent capacity, that needs to be maintained. Clean the dry shoe with a soft brush and use foam Cleaner to remove dirt and to restore. Finish off with water based Protector. Leave to dry 24 hours.

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    Suede is either split leather or the back side of the leather, which is treated to get a soft finish. This leather is sensitive to water and attracts dirt easily, therefore it is important to treat your suede shoes regularly. Clean the dry shoe with a suede brush and use foam Cleaner to remove dirt and to restore. Finish off with water based Protector.

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    Our Products


    Dry clean kit

    Cleaning kit for suede, nubuck and textile shoes. The cleaning block removes stains and dirt and the brush restores the surface keeping it clean.



    A water based cleaning foam that effectively and gently cleans shoes and bags. Suitable for leather, suede, nubuck and textile.


    Shoe cream

    Provides a gentle nourishment and keeps the shoes looking good longer. Suitable for all types of leathers.



    Natural wax which provides strong protection against water. Use on matte, oily and waxed leathers. It’s suitable for nubuck but not for suede. Cannot be polished to shine.



    Helps refresh and nourish your shoes. Restores the colour and prevents the material to dry out. Suitable for nubuck and suede.



    A water based protector free from fluorocarbon. Efficient against wet and dirt and suitable for leather, suede, nubuck and textile. Recommended for shoes to withstand a tough environment by protecting also against stains, salt and oil.