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Staff engagement: ENGAGEMENT & TRAINING

We believe that sharing information and keeping an open dialogue around the sustainability perspective lead to increased awareness and engagement. We value internal trainings and dialogues on sustainability, and these are our actions for 2017:


— Internal training sessions on Sustainability issues during 2017. (Page 19)

— Training of suppliers on Vagabond’s Code of Conduct (how to read it and the advantages of using it) and on handling of chemicals. (Page 20 & 26)

— Volunteering scheme, facilitating community engagement. (Page 21)

— Circulation of our common policies, to managers in all countries along with the task to disseminate it. (Page 8 & 18)

— Production and circulation of our cultural staff handbook, ‘A Shoemaker’s Handbook’, focusing on our values and organization. (Page 18)

Staff engagement: ENGAGEMENT & TRAINING

Five Sustainability Commitments 2017

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