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We Support

Each year we donate an amount of money to charity. We focus on Health, Environment and the Wellbeing of Young and Outcast. In each category, we support organisations who are operative within areas which are relevant to our every-day-mission in the Vagabond Group.



2019 update:



Unicef & Doctors without borders Mozambique

For immediate support to the catastrophe situation in Mozambique, we choose to support Unicef and Doctors without borders with extra funds (EUR 10000). What these two organization keep accomplishing is so important and fundamental in these emergency situations.



Main funds

For 2018 we donate a total of SEK 1 700 000. The main funds are dedicated Doctors without Borders, Children’s Villages (we sponsor a Children’s village in Cambodia for 2 years), WWF, Wateraid, The Swedish Cancer Society, The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation and BRIS (Children’s rights in society). For 2018 we also support Musikhjälpen and We Effect (Black Friday initiative).

Immediate support (December 2018): UNHCR and the Yemen catastrophe.

Other special projects: Ett Mjukare Varberg (September 2018)



Additional selection

For a set part of the funds, the staff gather new suggestions and place their votes. As a repeat from 2017 we support again Aldrigensam/Love&Hope/Min Stora Dag (Sweden), Change one life (Russia), Szent Márton Pediatric Emergency Medical Service Foundation (Hungary), The No-one’s Children Foundation (Poland)