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We support

We follow and support fantastic and dedicated organisations who strive to make a change for a better world. Our focus areas are children, health and environment.


October 12, 2016
The catastrophe in Haiti is a fact and concerns us all.
Today we choose to send SEK 100 000 to UNICEF to support the children and fresh water supplies.


2016 update
We keep the focus on the refugee situation. Both with Doctors without borders (MSF) and UNHCR.

After a 3-year long commitment of the establishment of a family program in the SOS Child village in Thai Binh in Northern Vietnam, we are now starting a new cooperation with SOS Children’s villages in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We are starting some production in the area and want to combine this with other local initiatives and learnings.

A consciousness of consumption and the footprints we leave behind, is for everyone to be more aware of.  We choose to support WWF and their efforts to stop the devastations of rain forests, and Water aid for clean water. In addition to this 2016 we initiate Meat Free Monday’s at the Vagabond head office. Welcome to join in!

For 2016 we also keep supporting BRIS (Children's rights in society), Cancerfonden (Swedish cancer society) and Barncancerfonden (Swedish childhood cancer foundation). Locally we support the regional organisations, such as Red Cross by giving shoes. Among all other fantastic local initiatives, we focus on local schools, education and interaction with young people.