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Formal but not formal

Sophisticated materials and clean lines make these sneaker-soled hybrids move seamlessly between smart and casual. A formal upper is paired off with a casual (or not formal) outsole for the perfect mix of dressy and effortless. Real sartorial lifesavers that can be worn with anything at any time.

Meet [Chris], a lace-up shoe inspired from the classic boat shoe. The rubber outsole gives this shoe the perfect muted look suitable for various occasions. Chelsea boots and lace-up shoes [Luis] is as versatile as likable. The formal upper is paired off with a casual outsole making them worthy for any occasion.

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Street tailoring

Iconic silhouettes are elevated with inspiration from the street. Pointy shaped boots, apron upper designs and chunky soles add just the right kind of edge. Go for that urban style with classic boots, chunky soled shoes and loafers full of character.

Ace the street tailored trend with [Alex]. Loafers, derby shoes and boots with an all-black appearance and apron uppers. This unisex model oozes contemporary, urban style. Slightly pointy shaped boot [Tyler] has an elevated heel that will lift any outfit. Easy to style with that street tailored look. For a more edgy look see chunky soled [Johnny], shoes and boots with a true urban feel. Rough and casual all at the same time.

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Clean-cut classics full of character. Meet the timeless investment pieces that will see you through many seasons ahead. Find your favourite for years to come amongst classic Chelsea boots, smart derby shoes and clean-cut desert boots. Minimalistic and sophisticated yet bold and audacious – one of the classics is never a bad idea.

Introducing [Harvey] - one of the foundational pieces of a modern shoe wardrobe. Classic and versatile lace-up shoes and boots, these everyday heroes will last beyond the season. Clean-cut [Roy] offers a variety of timeless boots that will become your everyday hero for this fall. Classic silhouette loafers [Mario] oozes elegance and sophistication and will be a favourite for years to come. A true must-have.

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Winter Survival

Chunky shapes and utility details keeps you warm throughout winter. Embrace the cold with ’90s inspired hiker boots and sporty feel sneaker boots. Whether it’s leather or suede these warm lined shoes and boots will keep you warm all season.

Classic lumberjack boots meet the city. Stay warm and in style this season with laced boots [Bruce]. The smooth leather upper is combined with a sturdy outsole for the perfect urban feel. Warm lined sneaker boots [Steve] makes it possible to stick with sneakers all winter long. The black sneaker-inspired outsole is paired off with a clean upper for a sporty feel.

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Women's Lookbook

Women's Lookbook

Get inspiration for this season with the latest news and a preview of what’s to come.

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AW18 Collection

AW18 Collection

Sneaker-soled hybrids, chunky soles, iconic silhouettes and clean-cut classics – explore the AW18 collection now.

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