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Slow and Steady 
Wins the Race

Much is made of the importance of sustainability in fashion. It’s a responsibility that starts with the sourcing of materials and ends with creating a mindful attitude to consumption for our customers. By eschewing the concept of fast fashion and focusing on conscious production cycles we can really make a difference.


To all of us working at Vagabond Shoemakers, sustainability is hardly something new. By working with just a few selected suppliers we’ve managed to build long-term relationships with our manufacturers, and this allows us to gain insight into working conditions at the production level. We strongly believe that using skilled craftsmen working in a healthy environment results in great quality products.


Back in our design studio every decision is made consciously. We carefully select materials and components to make the end product as clean as possible. When developing shoe models, we strive to create designs that generate the minimum waste. Our ambition has always been to make shoes that last — for our customers to cherish and want to take care of. After all, with proper shoe care they can endure the test of time.


Of course, there’s no way forward without innovation and that’s why we’re working with Swerea industrial research lab to find an improved formula to existing glues. It is crucial to be able to track the origins of the components that go into making a shoe, and to do this our partners need to share our passion for sustainability.


In the end, this is not something we do because it makes us feel good. It’s a responsibility we all share.






”We see inspiration
everywhere, film,
architecture, music,
people. But to really
get started for a new
season, we visit
museums or art


- Maria Olander,
 Chief of Design
Have you ever wondered how
a Vagabond shoe is born?
It all starts in Varberg, inside
the one-of-a-kind design studio/
workshop where Maria Olander,
Chief of Design and her team
conceive each collection from
scratch. Here, she takes us
inside the atelier telling the
story of a shoe being made
- from idea to finished product.

1. The Last
The design begins by creating the last. It is the last that define the silhouette and shape of the shoe as well as how it fits the foot – this is most important aspect to get right. Each season one of Italy’s very best lastmakers come to work with our team, helping us in the constant strive for perfection. We do actually create a lot of crazy pieces in our studio that we can’t sell but it gives us a lot of inspiration.

2. The Outsole
Next, the last is paired with the outsole, which is developed parallel to the last. The combination of these key elements create the look, trend factor and comfort. For spring, we’ve been obsessed with sporty-looking outsoles and how they completely change the look and feel of a classic shape. Then, the upper is designed, this is done parallel to developing materials. This could be fabric or leather and we make sure to get just the right colours and finishes we want.

3. Prototyping
A mock-up prototype is then assembled in our workshop. The process is very hands-on and we test the prototype’s ability to hold the shape and wear. After all, a shoe is meant to be worn and walked in so ensuin-house is a huge asset for us and at this point we can cut, construct and make alterations right in our workshop until it gets perfect.

4. Production
Once we have a prototype we feel happy with, the design team and production technicians will travel with it to the factories. Apart from our own factory, we work with very few external factories with whom we have long-term collaborations. Either case, our technicians stay on-site during the production of the sample collections, making sure everything turns out just like we want to. And that’s about it. With all this work and love behind its creation, the Vagabond shoe can finally start its life with a wearer. And that is really when it all begins.