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General Questions

Where do you manufacture your shoes?

Mainly in Vietnam, where we also have our own Vagabond factory. We work with very few production partners and our shoe technicians are always present during the production.

How much does leather shoes stretch?

Soft leather will stretch a little bit, but never on the length. Good quality leather adjusts to the shape of the foot which makes it more comfortable. It is important to remember that leather is an all natural material that is sensitive to different temperatures and humidity.

My leather shoes got wet, what should I do?

Water is one of the contents in leather. In order to keep the leather smooth that level of moist needs to be preserved. The best way to do so is by impregnating the surface and/or by using a shoe polish. Wet shoes are to be wiped off with a dry cloth and left to dry in regular room temperature.

How do I store my winter shoes?

Make sure the shoes are dry and clean. They are to be stored in a cool environment, not near a radiator since that will damage the softness in the leather. To preserve the shape of the shoe you may use shoe blocks or some newspaper tissues.

How do I make my new all leather boots last longer?

By impregnating them before using them the first time. If the boots have a leather covered heel, do not forget to impregnate that as well! More information on Shoe care.

How often do I change top lifts?

Top lifts are the end part of the heel. We always use the best material possible for the top lifts, but for narrow heels the wear and tear will be inevitable. For narrow heels we always place extra top lifts in the shoe box. Your nearest shoemaker can easily change them for you.

How is the heel measured?

Heels are measured at right angles to the floor (at the back of the heel). The binding sole is excluded in the measurements.