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To ease the strain on our environment we will strive for 100% reuse of resources, eliminating waste products. Thanks to new innovation, after worn out, shoes can actually be recycled and turned into new products. When contribute with your shoes, you will in return be rewarded with a discount voucher of 50 SEK* for each bag of your ready-for-recycling-shoes placed in our collection bin. 

We are proud partners to ground-breaking recycling company I:CO. 
This is how it works:

REUSE –  your still usable shoes will be sorted out and handed out to second hand & charity.

RECYCLE – worn out shoes will be shredded down into small pieces and converted into other products, for example floorings, keyrings, protective packaging, pellets or hard casing. In this process the shoe is separated into different fractions, which makes it possible to sort out leather pieces, rubber, metal studs etc.

For each kilogram of collected products, Vagabond is paid EUR 0,5. This money will be re-invested in our efforts to improve the recyclability of our shoes and to reduce the chemical input into the shoe making process, for example find a more environmental friendly glue for shoes in the future. Read more about our CSR & Sustainability work here.

Welcome to leave your worn-out shoes in Vagabond Concept Store in Stockholm, Uppsala, Varberg and Gothenburg. From 1st of December also in Vagabond Concept Store in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Warsawa, Gdansk, Poznan, London (Kingston), Budapest and Debrecen.

Valid on your next purchase (not valid on purchase of gift cards) of a minimum of 500 SEK at Vagabond Stores in Sweden (not e-store). Limited to one voucher per purchase. Cannot be combined with other offers. Valid for 3 months. One voucher is given per handed bag, maximum two vouchers per occasion of shoe bring back.